The St. Peter Claver Elementary School


St. Peter Claver School










In 1916 St. Peter Claver Elementary Catholic School was constructed by Reverend Abraham J. Emerick, S. J.. It was a two-room school.

On November 15, 1924, three  Nuns arrived at the school. The Nuns opened school that same day at 1:00pm.  In 1928 the school was destroyed by fire. Classes were held in the Sodality Hall.
On Christmas Eve, 1927, Archbishop Curley and Father LaFarge donated $1,000.00 for a school bus. In May of 1928 the children took a trip to Washington, DC in their new school bus. Two days later the school burned down. So they opened school in the hall, long enough to prepare the children for confirmation.   On November 14, 1928 school was discontinued due to lack of heat.
In July 1931, Reverend Horace B. McKenna, S.J., became the pastor.
In 1940, Father Stephen Rudtke, Pastor of St. George’s Church, Valley Lee, MD., secured a bus and black children from that area were bused to St. Peter Claver Catholic School, to receive a catholic education.
By 1949, the enrollment had grown to 185 students. Two buses provided transportation for the gathering of children from a forty mile radius.
St. Peter Claver School at Ridge was the parochial school center for children from the first, second and eighth district.